Welcome to Green Heron

Green Heron Information Services provides research and information services for businesses, non-profit organizations and individual researchers and consultants.

We specialize in finding and making accessible scientific, technical, environmental and educational research and information. Our deliverables are customized to meet the needs of our clients.

We are also noted for our ability to solve client problems by finding grant opportunities, identifying experts and locating just the right research.

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Why Green Heron

Green Heron Information Services is strongly committed to clients’ information and research needs. The green heron, the inspiration for our business name, is frequently found fishing along wooded streams and ponds. A beautiful wading bird, patient, thorough, persistent, and intelligent, the green heron is also one of the few tool-using birds, sometimes dropping a stick into the water, creating a disturbance to stir up and catch otherwise hidden prey.

At Green Heron, we bring the same qualities, creativity, innovation, and diligence to finding quality science, technology, and environmental and educational information for our clients.