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Critical information changes strategic direction

A hospital foundation was considering a change in strategic direction, thinking perhaps they would focus their efforts on funding hospitality houses. They were looking for evidence that demonstrated hospitality houses had a positive impact on patient outcomes. They were also seeking any reports or analyses on how funding a hospitality house had affected a hospital’s financial bottom line.

A member of the board approached Green Heron Information Services to see if research on either of these subjects could be located. We conducted a thorough search and located 25 articles showing that hospitality houses have a positive impact on patient outcomes.

We also found a single case study that had been done on the impact of building a hospitality house on a hospital’s financial outlook. Since this study had been written 20 years before and was not available in full text, we had to obtain permission from three different parties to acquire the article.

The research we provided was critical in demonstrating that building a hospitality house was a good use of resources, and the foundation moved forward in doing so.

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