• What We DO

    We provide an evidence-base for grant-seekers and grant-makers

    The staff at Green Heron Information Services specialize in providing high quality evidence that enables grant-seekers to write strong proposals and grant-makers to make informed funding decisions. Our expertise saves you time by collecting, organizing and making sense of the wealth of information produced by academic, non-profit and government institutions that is relevant to your work.


    A few examples:

    • Found peer-reviewed articles and reports that showed hospitality houses had positive outcomes for families and patients
    • Located all publicly available survey tools that had been used in developing federal fish advisories
    • Surveyed all 50 state department of educations to determine how they were developing student data privacy policies
    • Conducted a comprehensive literature search on  the effectiveness of social media in promoting health education campaigns
  • Who we SERVe

    We typically work with researchers and grant writers who are putting together grant proposals. They must demonstrate that their work is based on current best practice and research evidence. We have also worked with foundations and other grant-making organizations who have requested to learn more about current evidence in an area that they fund. These clients ask us to:

    • Conduct literature searches and reviews
    • Summarize key points from the research
    • Find information that is hard to locate
    • Organize information into categories or topics

      A community organization submitted a grant proposal requesting funding for multi-year program matching seniors to community-based groups that served young children. The foundation was interested in the proposal but requested research evidence showing that these types of programs resulted in...
      A hospital foundation was considering a change in strategic direction, thinking perhaps they would focus their efforts on funding hospitality houses. They were looking for evidence that demonstrated hospitality houses had a positive impact on patient outcomes. They were also seeking any reports...
      A research team submitted a grant proposal requesting funds for a multi-year study examining the effects of sleep deprivation on the academic performance of elementary school students. The foundation was intrigued by the proposal but was concerned that there was not enough research on the topic...
    • Who We Are

      Matthew Von Hendy, MLS

      Mr. Von Hendy is owner and principal of Green Heron Documentation Services. He is an accomplished research librarian with more than 20 years of professional experience working in a variety of government and technical libraries. He has worked at the EPA, NASA and the National Academies of Science where his work was cited in 10 different National Academies reports. He is also recognized as an expert in locating government and grey literature (non-academic) information.


      Von Hendy earned his Masters of Library Science from the University of Kentucky and his Masters of American History from the University of New Hampshire. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Oberlin College.

    • What Clients Say

      Matt is an outstanding researcher with a tremendous talent for locating just the right information. He listens to the customer’s needs closely and is creative in the resources he leverages to meet those needs. He always asks for feedback and is willing to revise or refine his research work based on that feedback. Matt’s work is timely and thorough every time!

      -Senior Program Officer at a national science nonprofit

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